Frontend development at a multi-national tech scale-up

  • 9 October 2017 — 3 June 2022
  • Ruby, Elm, JavaScript
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I worked at carwow as a Frontend Developer for nearly 5 years. As well as near daily use of Ruby, JavaScript and Elm the role taught me a lot of the behavioural aspects needed to work in a company that requires much more than just sitting at your desk writing code:

  • I got the opportunity to travel and represent the company in 4 different countries as an engineer: France, Germany, Ukraine and Spain.
  • I frequently got to demo and present my teams work to the entire company.
  • I ran analysis on A/B tests to help identify hypothesis for why a test succeeded or failed using tools such as Amplitude and presented this back to product managers and designers.
  • I was an active participant in "white boarding" sessions to help discover new product opportunities and was frequently sought out for expert opinion by designers and product managers as a source of truth and honesty.
  • I was highly vocal in my thoughts and opinions and was something that was pointed out and congratulated for in front of others by the CTO.

I dive into further detail about my time at carwow on my CV. Please take a look at that to find out more of the specifics.