React software engineering

  • Launched 6 June 2022
  • Next.js, TypeScript, GraphQL
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I was employed at Zoopla as a Frontend Software Engineer having primarily worked with Next.js, TypeScript and GraphQL in a CI environment. We made heavy use of Jest and Cypress for unit and end-to-end testing respectively.

The team I was on was without a dedicated designer, due to this I have at times stepped up in generating solutions for testing hypothesis that we as a team have thought about. As an example of this, during my third week I put together a proof of concept notifications page that would show a summary of updates to users for properties they own or rent out. While the solution I came up with was not used in the final outcome it kick started conversations about what a final solution could look like. This exercise also helped me gain valuable insight into the Next.js project that was new to me and also new to the team. This allowed me to discuss my learnings on working and deploying the Next.js project through our pipeline with the other engineers on the team.